Pokémon GO: Glitch makes catching Legendaries a nightmare

Pokémon Go glitch makes catching Legendaries a nightmare

Pokémon GO players are well aware of the slight chance a captured Pokémon will transform into a Ditto, but for it to lose all skeletal structure and become a nightmare creature is something new.

Strangely, this new fear has been instilled through the recent release of the Legendary Pokémon Lugia and Articuno.

Japanese trainer sumika920 shared screenshots of an encounter with level five Raid boss Lugia, which is intimidating enough on its own, but add in a glitched version, with a snake-like head and wings that seem disconnected from its body, and it loses all exalted status.

While the response to the glitch has been humorous and dramatic, the real problem is it also seems to significantly affect the ability to capture the Legendary birds. With both Articuno and Lugia repping a 2 percent catch rate already, the fear of running into a demon version will just be another indication that “Legendary” in Pokémon Go should stand for “impossible.”

@PokemonGoApp Lost my Articuno due to this weird glitch, Please fix it @ReversalYouTube Plz tell us what makes this happen ? pic.twitter.com/vh4YYdLKf6

— Omkar Bhatkande (@omkar_bhatkande) July 23, 2017

Both birds were added to the game immediately after the disastrous downfall of Niantic’s Pokémon Go Fest, which plagued Chicago attendees with poor server and cell service, forcing the company to shut down the event and refund players. As scary as the glitch versions are, trainers should attempt to capture as many as they can find, as Niantic also recently announced Articuno will be leaving Raids soon to make way for Moltres and Zapdos down the line.