Pokémon GO: Glitch resets egg distance again after update

Pokemon Go Glitch Resets Egg Distance Again After Update

If you’ve been carrying around some eggs in Pokémon GO while fighting the new gyms and participating in some raids and you’ve noticed that your traveled distance for your eggs has been lost, you aren’t alone.

A glitch has resurfaced that’s resetting those hard-earned steps and is making it take much longer to hatch those eggs, but it now looks as though there’s a new set of causes behind it.

Plenty of players have likely been experiencing the glitch and have kept their frustration contained, but some have taken to discussion boards and online communities to voice and confirm their findings. One such user is FakeKitten who posted news of the glitch to the Reddit community TheSilphRoad and attributed the reoccurring glitch to spinning the photo discs atop the gyms or feeding berries to the Pokémon that control the gyms. Doing so will reset whatever distance you’ve accumulated within the 4-minute distance update interval, something that can cause quite a problem for those in areas filled with gyms.

“This is extremely annoying as you will obviously want to interact with gyms by feeding the friendly ones and spinning all the stops but you are doing it at the cost of distance,” the user said. “In areas with high gym density you will literally be gaining no distance on eggs and buddy because of this.”

This distance bug hasn’t been confirmed to occur every time someone interacts with a gym by feeding berries or spinning the discs, but it’s happening often enough to where players are calling for it to be looked at. The base concept of the glitch has been around for awhile though where battling in a gym or placing a Pokémon in it would reset the distance, and while the initial cause was looked at, it now appears that there are even more triggers that can set back your egg-hatching progress.