Pokémon GO: Gold badge gyms should be more meaningful

Gold Badge Gyms Should Be More Meaningful

It’s quite an accomplishment to get a gold badge on a gym, particularly for high turnover gyms.

The amount of interaction one has to have with a gym to get a gold badge should carry more reward than a just a few additional items for a typical spin. Many trainers around the world are feeling the same as they gather around subreddits commenting on how their accomplishments should be rewarded.

I do agree that gold gyms need to be a bit more rewarding, mostly for the fact that gyms do place a huge place in the game due to the lack of pvp and trading thus making the game less of a Pokemon game and more of a Pokemon Snap game. Though with Gold badges and raids this changes,

Here are some rewards a gold badge gym should offer:

  • Decreasing Pokémon motivation decay
  • Increasing stardust gained from berry feeding
  • Additional Premier Balls for raid boss captures
  • Better overall raid rewards & Bonus EXP
  • Slightly better catch % against defeated raid boss Pokémon