Pokémon GO: Gym badges are a thing now!

Gym Badges are a Thing Now!

This new app upgrade came with a whole new set of features and is the biggest Pokémon GO update ever made till now.

No surprise that there would be some aspects that would serve as nostalgia for the originals Pokémon games.

This is exactly what Niantic has done this time around, along with this new app update, Niantic is bringing in new experiences called as Pokémon GO Gym Badges. This is something that Pokémon GO has never seen before and got many people excited for it.

Whenever you battle at a gym, you are rewarded with gym badges, in our previous leaks, we predicted that gym badges will be a great addition to the game. They act as souvenirs in the game. You can easily remember all the gyms you have battled at with these new badges.

Every gym has its own unique badge, other than acting as souvenirs they also provide some functionality, they come in ranked fashion and you can rank them up by interacting with that particular gym many numbers of times.

The higher your gym rank is, the more precious item you will be able to receive from gyms. Ranking up badges is not a difficult task if you close to a gym, doing simple things like feeding friendly Pokémon with berries, battling friendly gyms and taking down opponent ones will improve your badge ranking.

Also just as how Ash has a special case to carry around all his gym badges, all your Pokémon trainers also get a specific screen showing off a summary of all the gym badge that you have collected so far. This gym badge summary screen allows you to:

  • Viewing where you have Pokémon deployed
  • Viewing the time for how long that Pokémon has been deployed
  • Leveling up and training the Badges for increased item drop rewards
  • Becoming the local hero and building a local community
  • Also, every badge let’ you to check on your performance
  • Current Gym Badge Rank
  • Pokémon Battles Won by your defending Pokémon
  • Feed your Pokémon berries remotely
  • Shows you a total time spent defending

These new gym additions are really great, by the looks and feel of it, it seems like trainers would previously look for nests and PokéStops, now thanks to all the new content, gyms are the hotspots to make some Pokémon GO friends.