Pokémon GO: Gym closure leaks

Niantic intends to close all the open Gyms during the event to come. Fans are highly expecting this to happen together with the new coop gameplay mode.

Together with the announcement for the new Fire and Ice event, Niantic showed that they are planning an entirely new Fan Festival that would take place in Chicago, USA. The celebrations for the Pokémon GO Anniversary will also rely on group-type features. For example, the new features should incorporate both the Raids and the Legendary Pokémon in the game.

Closing Down the Gyms

In fact, the reason for which the developers need to close down the Gyms is the Group Gameplay feature, which cannot work if the Gyms are open. Despite this, Niantic did not made public any date regarding the closure date. Even so, according to a leak that has recently surfaced, they will be closed starting with June 16.

Leaked Information

The leak appeared on an Italian blog and it was published by Niantic themselves. However, the developer removed the blog post soon enough. That didn’t mean some fast users did not discover the update for the blog post. Heavy also reported the same date, which they spotted on a Chinese blog post.

Source: Blorge