Pokémon GO: Gymhunter, a tool to locate gyms and more

Hey Everyone,

the guys from http://gymhuntr.com had a great feedback when we launched it on reddit and have implemented lots of little changes to make the user experience better.

New Features

  • WE NOW SUPPORT ASIAN COUNTRIES – If you were getting “map data not available” try now 🙂
  • Gym Labels now auto update with the correct Pokémon when we scan for them
  • Added more accounts per scan to hopefully make scans more accurate (this costs us more but its worth it)
  • Coordinates are now added to the end of a link for easy sharing
  • Gyms that haven’t been scanned yet are transparent slightly until scanned.

Note: GymHuntr relies on Captcha Solving to run which costs a lot. if your scans aren’t returning then we are having issues with captchas and hope you try again later