Pokémon GO: Gyms closing SOON!

Rumor: Big Pokemon Go Gym Update to Coincide With Upcoming Monthly Event

The Gym rework is expected to come live to Pokémon GO here soon. With the reworks being done, however, gyms will be unusable for the time being.

Niantic just released a banner letting trainers know that gyms will soon be shutting down which means good news to us!

Though there hasn’t been much information leaked about what this next major update will bring. Some kind of raiding and ranked system is thought to be part of it. Without information, it is hard to theorize what to expect.

Be prepared for more server issues as these reworks start taking effect. More trainers will log on to see what’s new. Let’s not forget about the event that is going on right now straining the servers already.

It will be almost like starting the game all over again, going out and claiming unclaimed gyms. Nothing like a game being out for a year to bring back all the nostalgic memories for those who played during the release!