Pokémon GO: Hold on to your “useless Pokémon” they might come in handy soon!

All Pikachu Gender Are Changed, Does That Mean Breeding Is Near?

Are you having problems of storage lately? We know that once you max out the Pokémon storage you have to start transfering Pokémon that may be useless but, what if they may become useful soon?

Our most obvious choice is to get rid of all the common Pokémon like pidgey, rattata, Eevees and the rest of them, that are found commonly in your locality. Now still if you are still having low storage space, there will come a point in time, whether if you should transfer a Pokémon with perfect IV’s or a Pokémon with good moves, consider both the Pokémon possess low CP values?

Previously I used to transfer Pokémon that had kinda “crappy” moves, but thanks to a new bit of information that we’ve learned about, these crappy Pokémon (Pokémon with low IV’s) will come in handy in the near future.Let Me explain to you how?

These Pokémon could be used effectively for breeding. Pokémon in the main series games can participate in breeding based on their egg groups. And also Pokémon that are obtained from interbreeding, get to keep certain traits from their parent Pokémon. These traits include,

  • IV’s being passed down to their Offspring.
  • Pokémon you obtain will be of the Female species, the gender of the offspring depends on the gender ratio.
  • Male Pokémon also has the advantage of passing down egg moves, a specific set of moves that the offspring will be born with.

Trainers also note that, if you have a perfect IV Ditto, you are set for life, as ditto can interbreed with any Pokémon, and also it is the only method to obtain multiple legendary Pokémon. So next time you perform a bulk Pokémon transfer, think about it.

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