Pokémon GO: The issue with speed caps that needs to be solved

Today we have got another suggestion from a person who is an active runner and runs just about every day. It is related to the speed cap limit.

So this person runs at speeds greater than 10.5 kmph. And also uses a Pokémon GO Plus, to spin PokéStops on the way and gain distance for eggs. If you didn’t already know that is the speed limit in Pokémon go for distance tracking (both for hatching eggs and buddy Pokémon). Generally, most runners and bikers move at speeds faster than this. So the problem that these active trainers face is that a major portion of their running efforts gets wasted.

There could be many solutions to this problem, we were able to think of is to make change the game’s fundamental approach in determining the distance tracked and speed of the trainer. There are various apps out there for Android and iPhone, that utilize the phone’s accelerometer and determine the acceleration that a mobile device is currently experiencing.

Fitbits and many other fitness based wearable devices uses the same accelerometer data and automatically start recording appropriate data, but Pokémon GO doesn’t.

This data along with optimized algorithms could determine if a user is actually running, jogging, or sprinting. Instead of just moving in a slow moving car. The current algorithm that Pokémon GO uses to determine the speed of the mobile device is based on GPS data collected by the app.

Let us consider a hypothetical case. If a device/trainer is supposedly moving faster than 10.5 kmph and having relatively low acceleration (can consider this as a person sprinting), then according to the current algorithm, the game would completely not track any more distance.

Also the sudden cut off at 10.5-speed limit seems impractical, it would be nice if there were a prompt appearing on the screen briefly, stating that you are going faster than the speed limit. I get you that these prompts are darn irritating, but what else could be done in this case. If there was a linear drop of distance tracked vs increasing acceleration beyond the 10.5kmph threshold, it would seem quite natural.