Pokémon GO: What are IVs?

What are IVs in Pokemon GO?

IV stands for Individual Values. IVs are a mechanism to introduce diversity in a group of same species Pokémon. IV influences various other Pokémon stats, like the amount of Health Points, attack power, etc…

A good metaphor for IV is to think of them like Pokémon genes.

Not all Pokémon are born equal. Some Rattats are bigger, some Pidgeys attack harder and some Kakunas have more defense. In order to facilitate this diversity, IVs were introduced in the original Gameboy games and hidden away from the general player base. There are only 3 main IVs that you should remember:

  • Attack IV
  • Defense IV
  • Stamina IV

IV values go from 0 to 15. IVs are not the same thing as base stats. Even though base stats also depend on the specie, they increase when a Pokémon evolves – IVs always stay the same.

IVs play a big role in determining the true power and strength of every Pokémon you encounter in the wild. They are especially important when comparing same species Pokémon with similar Combat Power.

IVs and possible IV combinations are often displayed with a simple table:

Level Attack Defense Stamina Perfection %
38 15 14 3 71.00%
38 15 15 2 71.00%
40 10 15 0 55.00%
39 15 8 2 55.00%
40 13 8 0 46.00%