Locations where Porygon and Chansey are frequently found revealed

\'Pokemon Go\' latest tips, tricks and cheats: Locations where Porygon and Chansey are frequently found revealed

“Pokemon Go” gaming enthusiasts are finding it challenging to capture Chansey and Porygon, prompting most of them to seek out tips and cheats online to make their gaming experience easier. Players of the game are generous enough to share their insights online by pointing out specific areas where these two Pokemons are most likely to be present.

In order to find Chansey, players may want to check out residential areas and universities. Quite often, universities are the biggest areas where this Pokemon is most likely to be found. Being a normal type Pokemon, Chancey does not have specific biomes to spawn as in the water or in the desert.

Normally, this specific Pokemon comes in 10-kilometer eggs that are considered rare. As soon as players get an egg at this distance, they should waste no time and put it inside an incubator immediately. While it is considered difficult to hatch this kind of egg, experts recommend going for the other options of going to specific areas where it is often caught.

On the other hand, Porygon is supposedly easy to catch as players only need to target 5-kilometer eggs, but the Pokemon has become very elusive as of late. It is also considered a rare Pokemon Go trophy according to iTech Post. It is so rare that it recently caused a stampede in Rhodes, Sydney, Australia when it finally appeared according to the report.

Moreover, there is a need for players to purchase an incubator since these eggs are not easy to hatch. If loyal players want the easiest way to catch a Porygon, it is best to go inside government or administrative buildings that also include local court houses. Other reports mentioned that sometimes, several Porygons are available in just one site if players get lucky.