Pokémon GO: Latest update makes defending Gyms Easier

Pokemon GO Update Makes Defending Gyms Easier

The Pokémon GO Gym update is here, allowing players to bag some worthwhile rewards for making use of the feature.

Although most players agree that the overhaul makes Gyms a fun and fulfilling experience for them to spend time with, Pokémon GO developer Niantic isn’t done updating the feature to make it even better.

In a new Pokémon GO update that landed this week, Niantic has made a small change that makes defending Gyms that bit easier. Following the release of update 1.39.0 for iOS and v0.69.0 for Android, players will be able to feed their defending Pokémon berries even when they aren’t visiting the Gym. Previously, the game required players to actually visit the Gym where their Pokémon were stationed in order to feed them the berries, which proved stressful for those who may not be able to travel there each day.

This is a big win for players who simply don’t have the time to make daily visits, but it does come with a major caveat. Feeding a Pokémon remotely is less effective than if players actually go to the Gym to give the defending Pokémon some berries. This could potentially provide clever players a chance to jump in and seize the Gym’s control from others who haven’t decided to go to the Gym in person.