Pokémon GO: Legendary events might be delayed because of Nintendo

Legendary Events Might Be Delayed Because Of Nintendo

Hello trainers, if you have not heard already there is a new conspiracy theory going on, involving Pokémon and Nintendo, this one is not related to Pokémon GO but can explain all things that Nintendo has going forth later this year.

So here it out guys, this is popularly called as PokeGate, and it began a couple of weeks ago when Nintendo randomly started deleting videos of promotional material of Pokémon Sun and Moon games on their Japanese YouTube channel while keeping game trailers for older titles like Pokémon X and Y still live.

This raised to a lot of controversies as there were leaked rumors that Niantic is working on a new incarnation of Pokémon Sun and Moon, that will be launching exclusively for the new Nintendo Switch. This version is rumored to be called as Pokemon Starts.

Well, that’s all well and good, but how will Pokémon GO, well if you didn’t already know 3 companies go into making Pokémon GO, Niantic, The Pokemon Company and Nintendo.

It is believed that there will be summer release of Pokémon Stars, well if a summer release is expected, then there will be less time for Niantic to plan the Legendary Pokémon events.

There were various instances where curious vloggers sneaked into Niantic’s office and found that both the companies work together in harmony, in order to plan well for their events, if Nintendo has plans for Summer already, then we all say sayonara for a summer Legendary event, we think we will just have to settle for a gym rework in the summer.

Although nothing conclusive can be said, as this is just a conspiracy theory and there has been no official word from Nintendo about Pokémon Stars.