Pokémon GO: The legendary incomplete PokéDex

Pokemon GO and the legendary incomplete Pokedex

A small set of Pokémon from Gen 2 and 1 are set to be released during special events in Pokémon GO in the near future. For those users that are seeking to fill their PokéDex, there’s also a set of Pokémon that are not able to be caught – but are able to be attained.

Four separate categories of Pokémon can be separated – and not every Pokémon GO Trainer knows that this separation exists. The first category is the most obvious – common and catchable Pokémon.

Catchable Pokémon

The first category is the largest in Pokémon GO – that of the common Pokémon. Of the full 251 Pokémon in the game’s code, just 220 are available to be captured in the wild. There’s a number of Pokémon that cannot be captured, and a number of Pokémon that are literally not in the game, yet.

Most Pokemon can potentially be found almost anywhere. There are some Pokemon that are region-specific. These include Tauros, Mr. Mime, Farfetch’d, Kangasghan, Heracross, and Corsola. The map you see below comes from a contributor known as OKTimeforPlanB. The colors show the spaces (in general) where these elusive Pokemon can be caught.

• Tauros: United States
• Heracross: Florida, Texas, Mexico, South America
• Mr. Mime: Europe and non-Europe Britain
• Farfetch’d: Asia
• Corsola: Between 35N and 26S latitudes (or thereabouts)
• Kangaskhan: Australia (and some surrounding islands)

The rest of the Pokémon

Of a total of 251 Pokémon in the code for Pokemon GO, 31 are not able to be seen nor captured in the wild. A cool 13 of these Pokémon are not yet available to be attained in any way at all. These will be the Pokémon that’ll appear at special events throughout the next couple of years. This list goes as follows – each Pokémon has our best estimation (not confirmed by Niantic) for release event:

• Zapados (Team Event, Electric, Yellow, Instinct)
• Articuno (Team Event, Water, Blue, Mystic)
• Moltres (Team Event, Fire, Red, Valor)
• Mewtwo (Anniversary Event, possibly Sponsored Event)
• Mew (Special Event, Time-sensitive, Random Appearance)
• Raikou (Team Event 2, Electric, Yellow, Instinct)
• Entei (Team Event 2, Fire, Red, Valor)
• Suicune (Team Event 2, Water, Blue, Mystic)
• Lugia (Gen 2 Legendary Bird Event)
• Ho-Oh (Gen 2 Legendary Bird Event)
• Celebi (Mew-like event)
• Delibird (Special Event, Time-sensitive, Christmas)
• Smeargle (Whenever Niantic figures out how to make Smeargle work, Smeargle will be released)

For those Pokémon that are both in the game and can be attained, there’s a big set of ways in which they’re gotten. The way to get the baby Pokémon in this category is to walk with Pokémon Eggs in incubators. The Pokémon on the following list are only attainable through Pokémon Eggs:

• Pichu
• Cleffa
• Igglybuff
• Togepi
• Tyrogue
• Smoochum
• Elekid
• Magby

While it’s been hypothesized that the Pokémon on the following list might appear in Pokémon Eggs in the future, for now they only come from evolutions. Evolutions here are only available through Special Items, also known as Evolution Items. Each Pokémon is listed near its required pre-evolutionary type Pokémon and Special Item.

Pokemon GO and the legendary incomplete Pokedex

• Bellossom (Sun Stone, evolves from Gloom)
• Sunflora (Sun Stone, evolves from Sunkern)
• Porygon2 (Upgrade, evolves from Porygon)
• Kingdra (Dragon Scale, evolves from Seadra)
• Politoed (King’s Rock, evolves from Poliwhirl)
• Slowking (King’s Rock, evolves from Slowpoke)
• Steelix (Metal Coat, evolves from Onix)
• Scizor (Metal Coat, evolves from Scyther)

Finally there are two Pokémon that only appear when a certain set of actions occur. These are the Gen 2 evolutions of Eevee, and they go by the names Espeon and Umbreon. To learn how to create these two fox-like monsters, head to our Eevee Evolution Guide from earlier this year. It’s been updated with all the latest techniques.

BONUS: Unown

Pokemon GO and the legendary incomplete Pokedex

A full alphabet of Unown Pokémon are out in the wild, as well. These Pokémon look very weird and appear completely randomly. They appear anywhere in the world where any more common Pokémon normally spawns, and they’re simple. They’re barely worth keeping if you’re somehow able to find Unown regularly.

Unown are not difficult to catch, if you’re lucky enough to have an encounter. Their catch rate is high and their flee rate is low. Their rarity relative to the rest of the Pokémon GO universe is insane, though – so probably just use the Ultra Ball anyway.