Pokémon GO: Legendary Lugia returns tomorrow

Pokemon GO Legendary Lugia Returns Tomorrow

One of the most recent updates for the popular augmented reality game Pokémon GO brought about small changes such as minor bug fixes and improvements to the title’s GO Plus device to assuage some of its connectivity issues.

Now, however, it looks as if Niantic is set to bring about a big update to the ARG soon by reintroducing the Legendary creature known as Lugia into the title once more starting tomorrow.

As seen in the tweet below from the official Pokémon GO Twitter account, trainers should look forward to seeing Lugia back in Raid Battles with an improved move known as Sky Attack on March 16, 2018. Once the powerful Psychic- and Flying-type makes its return to Gyms all around the world in the augmented reality game, fans will be able to challenge the creature from its arrival tomorrow until April 2, 2018.

The Legendary Pokémon Lugia will soar back to Raid Battles with an improved move on March 16! #BeLegendary https://t.co/zxc2Z8PSzX pic.twitter.com/Tzv2oGPw3B

For those unaware, Lugia was originally available in Pokémon GO during July and August of last year, with many players citing the Pocket Monster as being one of the most difficult Legendaries to beat, as the best strategy to catch Lugia involved a full team of 20 players. This was due to the fact that the creature often has CP of more than 40,000, which makes it an incredibly arduous task to take down in battle.

All things considered, it’s a bit odd to see that Niantic is deciding to have Lugia return to Pokémon GO instead of bringing another Gen 3 Legendary into the title that has yet to be seen in the game, as there are still plenty of new ones to choose from. Nevertheless, Lugia’s resurgence in Raid Battles will see the Legendary Rayquaza leaving the ARG, which offers a small window for fans to catch the Dragon- and Flying-type.