Pokémon GO: Let’s talk about the ban hammers

Official Word from Niantic about Anti-Cheat measures.

Well, there’s been this thing going on for a while now that if you use any third party applications, be it IV calculators, apps that show you the list of Pokémon spawning in the nearby areas, or any other service that violates the Pokemon Go ToS. Then you will be shadowbanned from the game.

We see that many trainers have trouble accessing whether their account has been shadow banned or not. Just to brush up on that, if you are unable to purchase items from the in-game store and see crappy Pokémon (like a lot, depends on your observation), then you  have been shadow banned from the game.

About 12 hours ago, there was a ban wave, targeting yet again the spoofers and botters, but unfortunately the bot fought back as usual and they were up and running again. There are certain consequences to this, some trainers (many of them using third party tools) received an Unable to login” message.

So these trainers were scared that their accounts were permabanned due to this, some of them talked to Niantic support and it was confirmed that their accounts have NOT been banned, however, they have not provided them with a clear explanation as to why their accounts have not been restored.

This is a strong reminder to all those who are still using third party applications to enhance their gameplay please stop using any third party application or it might lead to loss of in-game progress and termination.