Pokémon GO: List of IV calculators


If you are wondering how perfect your Pokémon is, this is your thread. These are some of the most used IV calculators from the Reddit community.

Before we start, use the apps we list below under your own responsability

#1 GoIV

The overlay app for android takes a screenshot to calculate the perfection of your Pokémon. Also, it doesn’t access the API so it is pretty safe.

#2 PokeGenie

The same as GoIV but for iOS.

#3 CalcyIV

Alternative to GoIV for android.

#4 TheSilphRoad IV rater

One of the first web-tools to check the IVs of your Pokémons.

#5 GOHub calculator

Another web-tool to check out the IVs of your Pokémons.

#6 Goptimiz

Web-tool that doesn’t take a screenshot as an input, but it shows many useful information (and doesn’t use the CP arc, so it’s precise).

#7 Pokémon gameinfo IV calculator

Similar to Goptimiz, a source to compare in case you doubt. It includes other tools like a chart with the moves of the game and rankings of attackers and defenders.

#8 PokeAssistant

Another web-tool to know the IV’s of your Pokémon. It also has other interesting tool like Pidgey spam calculator or a catch change calculator.

Also remember, that a lower IV Pokémon can beat easily a higher IV Pokémon if the second has better moveset.