Pokémon GO: How to make the most of this eggciting event?

How to Make the Most of this Eggciting Event?

Egg-siting news fellow trainers, finally after much speculation and online leaks by many websites, Niantic made the official announcement for the Easter event.

Although our reactions are pretty much mixed at this point, as the event is not live yet, but our hopes are pretty much high, that this event will bring spring in new life to the game.

Double XP for an entire week, now that sounds pretty lucrative deal to me, this time around as a cherry on top, Niantic decided to cut the prices of luck Eggs by half in the PokéStore.

During the entire course of a week, you will be able to obtain 4X the XP . Also with rarer Pokémon hatching from easy-peasy 2K eggs it is it is going to be one hell of a week.

Broadly speaking this event is going to benefit almost everyone in one way or another, newbies can go for the good old Pidgey grinding strategy and level up faster and advance super quick in the game. All the trainers who have stopped playing after level 30 (bored out guys) can now come back to hit the road and hatch some exciting new Pokémon.

And lastly, the Rural demographic can now have a better chance at both leveling up faster and also obtaining rarer Pokémon in the process. It saddens me to see that there is no price drop on incubators too, but it’s fine I think it is fine for now.

What to do during the event? Well, we got you covered, just read along.

  1. Stock up of 10K eggs and ncubators (buy them for an entire day)
  2. Walk as much as you can with all your eggs placed in incubators, make sure you do not hatch them.
  3. As soon as you receive confirmation that the event has started, put on a lucky egg and finish those 10K eggs.
  4. Go to a popular place, filled with PokéStops (parks, pikes or beaches) and pick up as many eggs as possible.
  5. Walk to hatch your eggs, and while waking catch a bunch of common Pokémon.
  6. When exhausted sit down for a while, and do a bulk evolution to gain a ton of XP.