Pokémon GO: How many Raid passes can you use per day?

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Raid passes are the key to enjoying the new Raid battles in Pokémon GOpossibly taking down a Raid Boss and capturing a rare Pokémon.

But you need a raid pass to participate. You can also get a premium pass for a one-time raid but these cost money. So many trainers are opting to stick with the free raid passes that you get when you spin a Photo Disc at a gym. Unfortunately, you can only get one raid pass a day from spinning a photo disc. But exactly how many raid passes can you use in a single day?

There’s a small trick that might help you join a raid battle for free more than once a day. If you don’t use your raid pass on the day you get it, it won’t just disappear from your account. You’ll still be able to hold onto it and use it the next time you join a Raid Battle. After you’ve used that raid pass from the day before, then you can spin another Photo Disc, get another raid pass, and enter another Raid Battle for free.

It’s just a little workaround  but some trainers like it since they can’t always get out every day to play Pokémon GO. Remember, if you’re saving a raid pass, you must use that raid pass before you can spin a Photo Disc on a gym and get your second raid pass. If you’re still holding onto the raid pass when you spin the Photo Disc, you won’t get a second one. You can only carry one raid pass with you at a time.