Pokémon GO: How many Shiny Pokémon are in the game so far?

Shiny Pokémon FAQ: Shiny are individual, they don’t show as Shiny on the World Map and more

Pokémon GO just started a special water event and, in conjunction, has released some shiny Pokémon into the wild. But how many and which species of shiny Pokémon have been spotted so far?

Here’s what you need to know. We’ll update this story as we have more information.

So far, only two species of shiny Pokémon have been seen. It’s possible that we’ll only be seeing shiny water species in celebration of the water event, but we will likely be seeing more. In the latest APK mine by Silph Road, it was discovered that Shiny gender icons now appear next to all standard Pokemon gender icons. This means that shinies could be available for many different species eventually. However, in the main game, they’re supposed to be pretty rare (at about 1 in every 4,096 Pokémon). Although it seems like the shiny Magikarp are spawning in greater numbers than that, maybe other shiny species will be rarer.

If you want to catch a shiny Pokémon, try for every possible shiny that you see on the map. The Pokémon GO tracker won’t indicate to you on the map if a Pokémon is shiny or not. You won’t know until you try to catch it and are taken to the capture screen.

Also note: according to trainers, just because a Pokémon appears shiny on your capture screen doesn’t mean the same Pokémon in the wild will appear shiny when someone else tries to catch it. It also appears that you won’t be getting special IV stats from your shiny Pokémon. Their IVs appear completely unrelated to whether or not they’re shiny, according to Pokémon GO trainers who have caught them so far. So shiny Pokémon are essentially just Pokémon of different colors.

The shiny Pokémon seen so far are:

Shiny Magikarp

People are capturing shiny Magikarp all over the place, and in different countries. They sparkle in the animation and are yellow in color. If you try to transfer them, you’ll get a message asking if you want to transfer a shiny Pokémon.

Shiny Gyarados

Some player have also reported evolving their shiny Magikarp into shiny Gyarados. This Pokémon appears red in color and has sparkles around him in the animation.