Pokémon GO: How many trainers do you need to beat Groudon?

'Pokemon Go' introduces the first Generation 3 Legendary Pokemon

Groudon is the first Legendary Pokémon from Gen 3 to be available in Pokémon GO.

The Legendary Pokémon is only available in the game from now until January 15, 2018 at 1:00 p.m. PST / 4:00 p.m. EST, giving you plenty of time to battle and catch it. If you’re trying to beat Groudon, you may be wondering what is the minimum amount of trainers you need in order to be successful.

Heavy asked users on the Pokémon GO and The Silph Road subreddits just that.

From the reports we’ve gathered, the average group size for Groudon Raid Battles is seven. User Heiimdall had seven trainers in his group with one at level 29 and the others at levels 33 through 39 against a Groudon with Solarbeam without weather boosts. They completed the battle with about 80 seconds left. User sheriffnick completed two Raids with seven and six trainers and finished both with only 10 seconds left and a lot of defeated Pokémon. User AshFraxinusEps completed a Raid with seven against a sunny weather-boosted Groudon with Solarbeam.

Many other trainers were able to get by with six or even five trainers in the group. User ONEEvol completed a Raid with five people from levels 30 to 40 with 60 seconds left. User waldo56 completed a Raid Battle against a Groudon with Solarbeam and no weather boost with five trainers with levels ranging from 30 to 40. Others completed the Raid Battle with eight trainers, such as User Coolfizzwhose team beat Groudon with 50 seconds left.

The lowest reported amount of trainers needed to complete a Raid is four. User TheShredda completed a Raid with four trainers from levels 37 to 39 and had about 25 seconds left. They fought against a Groudon with Earthquake with no weather boosts on either side. They later went against a Groudon with Solarbeam and that one took six players to complete. User Conquestricalus claims that some have completed the Raid Battle with as low as three trainers, though recommends a group size of about seven to nine people.

User UnicornsPoopSkittles joined a group of 17 trainers from levels 27 to 40 and took down a Groudon with Solarbeam with about 30 seconds to spare. The user later defeated a Groudon with Fire Blast with a team of eight and just barely scraped by with about eight seconds left because many users had to rejoin the fight. User BZimmiZB beat a Raid with 16 players but didn’t manage to catch Groudon.

From what we’ve seen from the reports, you need about five to seven trainers at levels 30 through 40 to defeat Groudon. Pokémon should be around level 30 to 40 as well. To figure out what level your Pokémon is at, you can use this website and enter your CP, HP, and Stardust needed to power up to find your IV and level.

How many trainers have you used to defeat Groudon? Let us know in the comment section below.

One thing you need to be wary about when fighting Groudon is the recently implemented weather mechanic, where the current weather in real life is added to the game and can boost the power of certain moves. If it is sunny outside, then nearly all of Groudon’s possible moves including Solarbeam, Earthquake, and Fire Blast are boosted. However grass type moves that do extra damage against Groudon will be boosted in sunny weather. We recommend fighting Groudon in rainy or snowy weather because they boost water and ice type moves respectively which Groudon is weak against. Groudon is strong against electric, rock, and poison type moves so leave those type of Pokémon on the bench when you go into a Raid Battle.

GamePress recommends using Gyarados against Groudon because the Pokémon is not weak against any of the Legendary Pokémon’s moves and its dual water type moves are strong against it. Other viable counters include Dragonite, Ho-Oh, and Sceptile. You can also use Vaporeon if not fighting against a Groudon with Solarbeam as well as Exeggutor, Venusaur, and Articuno if not fighting against a Groudon with Fire Blast.