Pokémon GO: Mewtwo capture rate is higher than Tyranitar

Pokemon GO: Mewtwo Capture Rate Is Higher Than Tyranitar

After over a month of hunting down the legendary birds, Pokémon GO players have moved on to new level five Battle Raids and are currently facing off against one of the legendary beasts (depending on which region they are in).

While trainers in America are busying tracking down 100% IV Raikous, the community is still eagerly awaiting Exclusive Raid invites to take down and capture Mewtwo. According to some recent data, it seems like actually capturing Mewtwo may not be as difficult as players originally imagined.

We’re still not sure how frequently Pokémon GO Exclusive Raid invites will go out or how rare they will be, but we do know that the base catch rate for Mewtwo is not nearly is low as expected. As a matter of fact, the super rare Pokémon actually has a higher base catch rate than the level four Battle Raid boss Tyranitar.

Here’s a look at the game code that confirms Mewtwo is currently set to have about a 6% base catch rate, which is higher than Tyranitar and the legendary birds…

item_templates {
template_id: “V0150_POKEMON_MEWTWO”
pokemon_settings {
pokemon_id: MEWTWO
model_scale: 0.74
camera {
disk_radius_m: 0.555
cylinder_radius_m: 0.6
cylinder_height_m: 2
shoulder_mode_scale: 0.5
encounter {
base_capture_rate: 0.06
base_flee_rate: 0.1
collision_radius_m: 0.37
collision_height_m: 1.184
collision_head_radius_m: 0.185
movement_type: MOVEMENT_JUMP
movement_timer_s: 8
jump_time_s: 1.2
attack_timer_s: 3
attack_probability: 0.1
dodge_probability: 0.15
dodge_duration_s: 1
dodge_distance: 1
camera_distance: 5.55
min_pokemon_action_frequency_s: 0.2
max_pokemon_action_frequency_s: 1.6