Pokémon GO: mid-April changes (nest migration)

Nest Migration #11 has occurred!

It’s Pokémon GO nest migration time again, every mobile fan’s favorite or least favorite period of the month. To spice things up for the mobile game, Niantic switches the locations of various Pokémon so the title feels fresh.

Results from this are pretty mixed, but they do usually lead to new Pokemon for certain players in specific areas.

The Silph Road confirmed that the mid-April nest migration has begun, so players will be waking up to new Pokémon. One fan even confirmed that they got a Mr. Mime, something that was a bit rare for the area. As usual, the results will vary and some players will be happier than others, but there’s no denying that it keeps the game interesting.

Changes Thus Far

Early reactions to the Pokémon GO nest migration have been interesting, with fans finding new monsters in their area. An avid fan stated that the Clefairy nest is now a Kabuto one, so that’s an interesting swap story. Other fans were able to catch some good Pokémon like Onix, Abra and Chikorita, so there are plenty of positives.

Sadly, there are also negative reactions to the migration, since this can result in an increase of common Pokémon, rather than a decrease. Poliwag, Ledyba and Hoothoot have started appearing more often for one player, which isn’t that great. While Poliwag does have a new Gen 2 evolution, an overdose of that Pokémon can get fans tired quickly.