Pokémon GO: How much money do trainers spend playing the game?

Pokemon GO: More Than 1 Million UK Players Have Spent Money on the Game

Hello trainers, this is gonna be a post about how much money do players spend in the game.

Since the game first arrived many players have spent some money on coins over their time and we could difference between two types of players, the ones who spend a lot of money, and then the trainers who refuse to spend a cent, there isn’t roughly a middle term.

A example of a player who has spent a great deal of money monthly on Pokémon GO, was someone under the name of Eggchia on TheSilphRoad.

He claimed to have spent roughly $300 a month on the game they love, and stated that:

This was all $4.99 and $9.99 at a time, with a scant $24.99 purchase, spread out over months

Now obviously this is a bit over the top and this particular trainer usually did this accidentally “I had absolutely no idea. I’d see the transactions on my statement and dismissed them, as they didn’t seem to add up to much, on the monthly, but I encourage everyone to take a good, hard look at their purchase history – if you’re ready to accept it”, said Eggchia.

But now we have to look at the other side of the story, the players who refuse to spend a cent on the game.

Some players have said that they spend “$0, as the game is fun enough as it is” and “also zero, for the reason that the game is not on a high enough level of quality for me to invest money into”, said two players on TheSilphRoad.

Obviously when the game first came out or during events we assume players spent more money than usual, so we’d like to know how much you all spend on Pokémon GO (you know where to share the info with us!)

Source: Otakukart