Pokémon GO: Mysterious new item

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Players have discovered a “Star Piece” item hidden inside of Pokémon GO’s upcoming update.

When used by a player, Star Pieces double the amount of Stardust a player earns for catching or hatching Pokémon and feeding Pokémon berries.

Star Pieces appear to be premium items for Pokémon GO and will be available for purchase in the store in sets of one, eight, and twenty-five pieces. No prices are set yet, but we’re guessing they’ll be priced similar to Lucky Eggs.

Here’s a first look at what “Star Pieces” look like in the game:

Three different versions of the new Starpiece item. Each with more. What could this be used for? pic.twitter.com/78pR03WRBh

— PokeHuntr (@PokeHuntr) December 6, 2017

In the main series games, Star Pieces are items that can be sold for some extra cash, but don’t have any other real purpose.

Of course, Stardust is incredibly valuable in Pokémon GO as it allows players to “power up” their Pokémon. Stardust is a bit of a rare resource, since players consume a ton of it to power up one Pokémon to its maximum level, so Star Pieces could be a huge game-changer in helping level the field for players that can’t farm constantly for Stardust.