Pokémon GO: Nearby filter idea

Pokemon GO: Pokemon Nearby Filter?

Many trainers are still upset over the amount of Pidgey’s and Rattata’s that are still popping up on their nearby tracker.

However, do some Rattata’s do hold a small importance, not many trainers care to see them on the nearby system. Rattata’s are still needed to complete an achievement, in case you were all wondering.

We have seen a similar incident with which Pokémon you are able to hatch out of eggs. Most of the “common” Pokémon being removed completely. Meaning your only chance of catching the removed egg species if be finding them in the wild.

What if some of the Pokémon Nianitic had removed from eggs are still showing up more than the trainer wishes to see? While the Pokemon could be ignored, some kind of filtration system might be a nice minor text fix to see in the game.

Say you are only a few Pokémon away from completing your PokéDex. More than likely, you won’t be catching anything under a “rare” spawn, so it would almost be pointless to be tracking anything lower.

There are several filters used for PokéDex’s and even the Silph road uses a few different kinds for their indexing. It allows for users to quickly find what they are looking for. Adding something like this in the game might be a little conflicting though, wouldn’t it?

Well, not really, the Pokémon will still spawn. However, they just won’t show up on the nearby. This could also help rural players too as there could be a few different way to filter the nearby. Here is a short list of what Niantic could add.

  • Pokemon Species
  • Type
  • Sightings/ Nearby