Pokémon GO: Nest Migration #22 has occurred!

Pokemon GO’s GREAT Nest Migration #22 has Occurred!

Pokémon GO received a much needed nest migration that allowed tons of trainers like myself to have a refreshed variety of Pokémon to catch in the neighborhood.

The great migration is a global event where every nest switches to new spawns, this has been happening since the first few months of Pokémon GO which seemed to have developed into a system that refreshes every nest to random spawns.

Dronpes from The Silph Road took to reddit to confirm the great nest migration that all trainers have been anticipating for the last week with a message of:

It’s that time again, travelers!
The 22nd Migration has occurred at 00:00 UTC June 1st, and it’s time to explore.
The Atlas is being updated to reset known nests to ‘unverified’ status in preparation for your new reports. Head to the Atlas and report your local nesting species:

And with that – it’s June! The gym update is looming ever closer, travelers. Can’t wait to see what this summer brings to the Silph Road. We hope your nesting species are fortuitous or at least nostalgic!

Travel safe,

– Executive Dronpes –