Pokémon GO: Nest migration #23 has occurred!

Pokémon GO: Nest Migration #23 has occurred!

A lot of trainers around the world have been waiting for the next nest migration to hit the game since the previous one.

These Nest Migrations seem to be helping the communities trainers in obtaining a variety of Pokemon, especially since the Generation 2 Pokémon were released.

Dronpes from TheSilphRoad confirmed the newest Nest Migration(#23) on reddit a few days ago:

Well, look what happens when Dronpes finally decides to get some sleep, travelers. He wakes up to 300,000 notifications about a Migration taking place!

The 23rd Migration occurred at 00:00 UTC June 15th, as expected!

The Atlas HAS NOW been updated to reset known nests to ‘unverified’ status. There was a delay this time as we’re in the middle of a database migration in preparation for … something awesome.

It’s time to report in!:

We’re also soon disabling fire and ice species from being reported until the Solstice event concludes, travelers.

Travel safe,

– Executive Dronpes –

p.s. Only 2 more Migrations to go until our 25th Migration party.