Pokémon GO: New effectiveness typing chart

Pokemon GO: New Effectiveness Typing Chart

As we all know at this point and time. Certain Pokémon are weaker against certain moves. However, reading some of the oddly developed typing charts. They can be hard to read. Especially, if you are new to the Pokémon universe.

There have been a few different attempts to making this chart easy for everyone to read, which it ended up looking something a bit like the chart below. The Pokemon Company use to just add Pokémon weaknesses under the guides they came out with. Later on, they adapted to using a type effectiveness chart.

This model is hard to understand, isn’t it? No need to worry, though. Reddit user Entac1165 created a newer model in hopes it would be easier to read. Well, that he did, it is easier to read for sure. Definitely an improvement from the chart on the first page.