Pokémon GO: New Gym mechanics!!

Pokémon GO Gyms Will Soon Close For "Remodelling"

This new gym update we believe is the best thing that’s ever happened to Pokémon GO after gen-2 update in mid-February.

Weeks of no new content to keep trainers engaged, Niantic finally dropped the bomb and announced their Gym rework.

First off there new gyms now only allow 6 Pokémon to be placed in a gym at a particular time and all of them have to be unique, gone are the days of gyms infested with Dragonites. And Pokémon inside a gym will be battling in the reverse order to when they were placed. This will give even the newbies a chance to enjoy battling in gyms. Props to that Niantic, you did a good job not neglecting the newbies.

This new gym rework also comes with an updated gym UI which is dope to look at and people are really loving it. You can check out a preview of it here. The transition looks buttery smooth.

Planning on mining PoéCoins, well not anymore. Previously you were able to collect your defender bonus once every 24 hours or something like that. Now things are different, your Pokémon will be able to get defender bonus only when it gets beaten and return back to you.

Speaking of new changes, there is one major change that everyone seems to like, there is a new gym motivation system in place, as a means of gym decay.

Your Pokémon defending the gym will get fatigued over time and lose motivation, making their Combat Power lower as their motivation goes down. When a Pokémon is placed in a Gym, a motivation meter will be displayed (the heart symbol), showing how high its motivation is.

Pokémon loses its motivation over time and by losing battles. It regains motivation by eating Berries. You can feed only your Team’s Pokémon. The best part is anyone can feed your Pokémon as long as they belong to your team.

If a Pokémon loses all motivation, it will leave the Gym and return to its Trainer the next time it loses a battle, so you’ll want to keep your team’s Pokémon motivated by giving them Berries frequently.