Pokémon GO: New UI changes to the game

Pokemon GO Dev Only Had Two Engineers At Launch

Pokémon GO just got an update yesterday, and there are some new UI changes which are completely welcomed changes to the game. It is always the little things that make a huge change to the in-game experience.

So first off, we have these new little icons added to the PokéDex, which show the gender variances in Pokémon, Previously we have seen Pikachu undergo a sex change (Twice actually), as I predicted back then it was a beta test run to see if the gender variance changes implemented were actually working or not. Well, guess what? They have finally rolled them out to the public,

There are actually a bunch of Pokémon that gave gender variations like Pikachu, Scyther, Venusaur and others. You can check them out here, and start piling up your collection. We gotta catch em all.

These new Gender buttons have filled in colors representing their corresponding genders, Blue is for Male and Red is for Female, here is a friendly infographic showing the various alterations of this button, also the button becomes a Solid color when you have caught that specific variant.

Other than that, we do have other changes like The Night Sky image offering higher resolution. And this update came with the infamous “Minor Text Fixes” with the new new Pokémon Flee text changed to “Oh no! the wild (Pokémon) fled ”