Pokémon GO: What could be the next event?

What Could Be Pokemon Go\'s Next Event?

Pokémon GO’s Eggstravaganza is over, so now it’s time to start speculating about the game’s next event. Pokémon GO has had at least one event per month, which range from increased spawns of certain types of Pokémon to double XP or more candies for catching Pokémon.

These monthly events have become sure fire money makers for the game, even if they don’t always add the new features fans are clamoring for. It’s never too early to start speculating about the next event, so here’s a few ideas about what and when Pokémon GO’s next event could be. Please note this is all just speculation and shouldn’t be taken as fact!

Arbor Day Grass Festival

Pokémon GO’s most popular event this year was the Water Festival, which caused hordes of Water Pokémon to spawn wherever people looked. The Water Festival was great because it gave players an opportunity to finally get that Gyarados they’ve been struggling to get for years, and it also kicked off the addition of Shiny Pokémon to Pokémon GO.

Arbor Day is in just a couple of weeks and what better way to celebrate the importance of trees to our planet then by unleashing thousands of Grass-Type Pokémon for players to catch? They could even tie the Arbor Day festival into something with Berries, since Berries also come from plants.

The one downside is that there aren’t really any rare Grass-Type Pokémon, but players probably wouldn’t mind having another Venusaur or Meganium in their collections.

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming up in May, which could be an opportunity to switch things up and release a few more parental-type Pokémon into the wild. Kangaskhan is the most obvious choice for a Mother’s Day festival, although it currently only spawns in Australia. Still, making a regional spawn temporarily available everywhere would probably get tons of players scouring their neighborhoods… at least for a few days.

Another option would be to increase the spawns of certain Pokémon that are only female, like Nidoran (F), Jynx, Chansey, and Miltank. Chansey and Miltank are both rare Pokémon, although Chansey was already part of the Valentine’s Day event in February.

A Summer Fire Festival

As temperatures start to heat up around the Northern Hemisphere, maybe it’s time to celebrate the coming of summer with a Fire Festival of some kind. May might be a bit too early, but the Summer Solstice is just two months or so away. The Fire Festival would work similarly to the proposed Grass Festival, although there’s a few more rare Fire-Type Pokémon than there are Grass-Types. In addition to Charmander and Cyndaquil, there’s also Houndour, Magmar, and Vulpix that are hard to find in some regions.

Who knows, a Fire Festival might also be a good time to hint the coming of a Legendary Pokémon of some kind for later in the year.

A Smeargle Event

Smeargle hasn’t yet appeared in Pokémon GO. Like Ditto, Smeargle has the unusual ability to permanently learn any move it sees in battle. It took a while for Ditto to get added into Pokémon GO, but maybe Niantic has a better plan on how to bring in Smeargle to the game.

Our suggestion for Smeargle: just have it copy the moves of the first Pokémon it encounters in gyms. The only other option is to give Smeargle permanent access to EVERY move in Pokémon GO, and that’s probably a bit too much work for what’s probably going to be a pretty forgettable niche Pokémon.

Anniversary Event

Let’s not forget that Pokémon GO’s first anniversary is on the horizon. Pokémon GO was first released on July 6, which is just over two months away. We’re guessing that Pokémon GO’s next “major update” will be released around this time, improving the gym system and hopefully adding a way to catch Legendary Pokémon to the game.

It’s also possible that Pokémon GO’s “birthday party” could see a return of the Party Hat Pikachu that first popped up earlier this year to celebrate the birthday of the Pokémon franchise. Or maybe we’ll see another Pokémon finally get some sort of festive hat to wear. Eevee would be a good option, although Pokémon GO’s designers might not want to program in five different Eeveelutions potentially wearing hats.

While we don’t know what Pokémon GO’s May and June events are, we’re practically certain that July will celebrate Pokémon GO’s first birthday. So, fans will at least have that date to mark on their calendar for certain.