Pokémon GO: Niantic changes one of Dragonite’s high DPS ability

Pokemon GO Update: Niantic Changes One Of Dragonite\'s High DPS Ability

Recently, Niantic made some changes with Dragonite’s ability. Dragonite is considered as one of the top tier gym attacker and defender in Pokémon GO, as well as the top pick for most players.

However, it appears that Niantic made some changes to the Pokémon recently. Reports also claim the company did not issue any further notice regarding the recent tweak.

According to Otakukart, the movesets in Pokémon GO appear in random. That means it is unclear what kind of move the players will be getting for a particular Pokémon. Players find this annoying most of the time since they cannot choose the desired moveset for their Pokémon.

Apparently, for Dragonite, it possessed one of the game’s high DPS ability. However, people from The Silph Road reported recently that Dragonite’s ability was secretly altered by Niantic. For instance, one trainer said that two of his Dragonites with Steel Wing / Hyperbeam changed to Steel Wing / Dragon Claw. Interestingly, the other two Dragonites having Dragon Breath / Hyperbeam and Steel Wing / Dragon Pulse have not changed a bit.

Although the said trainer did not complain a bit about the change, that is not always the case. Several trainers usually plan their attacks during a gym battle. Thus, changing these movesets randomly could cause a huge change to their style. As of now, the details remain unclear regarding how many trainers are affected by this recent issue. Players are highly suggested to check all of their Dragonites, as well as the other Pokémon to see if these skill changes were applied.