Pokemon GO: Niantic finally fixes the annoying vibration bug

Pokemon GO for iOS & Android Finally Fixes Annoying Vibration Bug

Pokémon GO for iOS and Android has just received an update, bumping the game to version 1.21.0 and 0.51.0, respectively.

Pokémon GO is heading towards refinement with every new release. The latest one for iOS and Android fixes a bug that caused a device to vibrate incorrectly, even though there wasn’t any Pokémon in sight. But that’s not all, it even fixes a bug where a Trainer would incorrectly see the time of day reflected in the game.

The complete changelog of the new update is as follows:

  • The bug that caused incorrect vibration notifications has been fixed.
  • Day and night modes have changed to more accurately reflect the Trainer’s current time of day.
  • Minor text fixes.

Apart from the above mentioned changes, we are certain there are other under the hood fixes packed inside the game. This means you should head over to the App Store or Google Play and download the latest build of Pokémon GO right away.