Pokémon GO: Niantic gets rid of a weird attack animation

Pokemon Go Gets Rid Of A Weird Attack Animation

Pokémon GO released a new update on Friday with very little announced changes in store. Other than a change to the medals screen and the addition of a new language, players didn’t think Niantic made any other changes to the popular mobile app.

However, a player on Reddit noticed that the update did change the animation for one move: Bullet Punch.

The Steel-Type move Bullet Punch has been part of Pokémon GO since the very beginning and has a very interesting animation. When a Pokémon uses Bullet Punch, a slew of actual bullet holes springs up around the defending Pokémon. Although the attack happened rather quick, it was always a bit bemusing (or disturbing, depending on your point of view) to see a Pokémon full of bullet holes. Bullet Punch’s animation was often criticized by Pokémon GO fans for being too distracting as it was accompanied by a series of flashes when it hit.

Now, when a player uses Bullet Punch, the opposing Pokémon receives a flurry of punches instead of gunshot wounds. For whatever reason, Niantic decided that it was better if Bullet Punch was represented via punches instead of bullets. The new animation also doesn’t cover up the in-battle captions and texts, which could also be a reason for the change.

The actual attack hasn’t changed, as it still deals out the same amount of damage and attacks at the same rate of speed. You can check out what the old animation looked like compared to the new one in the photo gallery above.