Pokémon GO: Niantic made a huge change that’s angering players

MAJOR NEWS as Niantic make huge game change that’s angering players

For avid trainers who catch Pokémon all day long or are about No XP Waste, this new change could mean missing some great Pokémon.

For those who don’t know Niantic recently added a change that limits your daily catches to 500 Pokémon. Not all trainers are out catching 500 Pokémon per day, though there are many trainers who No XP Waste and catch more than this.

Though this change may be a nuke to botters or spoofers looking to RWT (Real World Trade) we should see some lash back from the community until further changes are made.

Here’s a good explanation from a redditor–member of The Silph Road Reddit page:

The current limit is 500 in a rolling window, so it is quite hard to keep track of. Think if you go out to hunt Saturday evening from 6pm to midnight and catch 400 Pokémon, then the next day up to 6pm, you can only catch 100 before you are hit with this nonsense limit – And since there is no counter, nobody will really know at any time how much they have left to catch.

Once you hit this 500 limit, every Pokémon you attempt to catch will automatically run away. For those who actually hit the 500 mark you can possibly trigger a ban that furthers your limit to 200 Catches for a day.