Pokémon GO: Niantic has new customer support

While Niantic is busy programming the new major update that is supposed to happen this spring. They went ahead and started being a bit more active in helping trainers.

However, the way Niantic when about it is a little different than most other developing companies.

You can visit our Help Centers at:
Pokémon GO: https://t.co/HxYxeCo4Mb
Ingress: https://t.co/krxqyaIyXg

Aside from the links. Niantic’s team is helping trainers through their new twitter account. If you have reported something about Pokémon GO, or even Ingress. Scroll through the feed of their newest twitter account and see if others had the same issue as you. If you can’t find what you are looking for. Go ahead and tag them in a tweet!

There are two Niantic employees behind the twitter account so keep that in mind. Their hopes are to actively help the community. Also, don’t forget that by visiting their main support wedsite. You might be able to solve your game issues that way as other trainers may have experienced what you are.

Worried about spoofers you have reported? Don’t worry because they are aware of people who are spoofing and are working hard on coming up with ways to prevent people from continuing to cheat.