Pokémon GO: Niantic rumored to make big announcement at PoGO Fest (Gen 3)

'Pokemon GO': Niantic just hinted the arrival of Legendary creatures

Since its release, Pokémon GO has seen its player activity skyrocket twice.

After the spike caused by the addition of the Gen 2 Pokémon to the game in February, Niantic recently released the Gym and Raid systems that caused another sharp increase in the title’s player activity. However, with the number of users playing the game slightly decreasing again, Niantic is reportedly working on the release of the Gen 3 Pokémon.

According to reports, Niantic is preparing for a big announcement at the Pokémon GO Fest, which will happen in Chicago on July 22. Right now, there are speculations that the game they will finally announce when the Legendary Pokémon are coming to the game. However, the company is still keeping quiet about what it could offer up to fans.

Some reports say that the move to introduce the Gen 3 Pokémon is intended to pacify some players who were disappointed by the recent anniversary event. Some critics claim that the said event was such a letdown that even the Pokémon GO community on Reddit, “The Silph Road,” shut itself down for a time to prevent the negative remarks from flooding its page.

While some fans hope that the arrival of the Legendary Pokémon will serve as Niantic’s way of making it up to the gaming community, a few speculate that the upcoming Pokémon GO Fest could be another disappointment.

As of now, Niantic has not yet confirmed if the Legendaries will actually be announced at the Fest, although that is what Pokémon GO fans predict. The company’s refusal to say anything has recently led to speculations that the game developer might actually be intentionally building the hype on Legendaries to cover up for its next big announcement, which is the Gen 3 Pokémon.

If Niantic launches the Gen 3 Pokémon, fans can expect to see up to 135 new creatures. The third generation Pokémon will reportedly have new evolutions and baby forms and will make it possible for one generation of Pokémon to cross into another evolution, called “cross-generational evolution.”

Until Niantic has confirmed anything, fans should take these rumors with a grain of salt.