Pokémon GO: Niantic says that Harry Potter mobile game won’t impact the game

Niantic Promises Its ‘Harry Potter’ Game Won’t Negatively Affect ‘Pokemon Go’

This week, the gaming world was shocked by the announcement of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

A forthcoming title for mobile devices. Under normal circumstances a mobile game based in the Harry Potter universe wouldn’t have inspired much excitement, but with Pokémon GO developer Niantic on-board things are different.

Since it is relatively early we don’t know how much Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will mirror Pokémon GO, but the initial press release does suggest a similar interactivity with the real world. However, some Pokémon GO fans are concerned that this new project might take Niantic away from their favorite mobile game.

In an effort to calm those fears, the Pokémon GO development team penned a new blog post that promises continued support for Pokémon GO. In fact, the post suggests that the studio is doubling down on its efforts in Pokémon GO and big things are in store for the mobile game in 2018. The development team is growing and there is still a lot more work to be done.

pokemon go harry potter statement

Assuming Niantic isn’t simply trying to avoid hurting the buzz surrounding Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, it sounds like Pokémon GO players will see more events in 2018. There are still plenty more generations of Pokémon to add to the game and elemental-themed events that could take place. Not to mention the various improvements that fans would like to see made to the game. Pokémon GOplayers shouldn’t have to wait too long to hear about future updates and improvements either, as the post reveals a written update will release next week regarding upcoming changes to the game.

In truth, it doesn’t make sense for Niantic to shift focus away from Pokémon GO since the mobile title is still very popular and likely generates healthy revenue every day. At its peak, Pokémon GO was reportedly making $2 million per day, so there is no reason to close the door on that now.

That being said, if Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is a massive hit, there is the possibility of Niantic giving more attention to that game than Pokémon GO. It’s simply the nature of developers with limited resources. To that point, the post concludes with a job listing for Pokémon GO, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, and even Ingress, the title that inspired the format on which Harry Potter will be built.