Pokémon GO: Niantic updates the spawn rates in rural areas

Niantic Updates Pokemon Go’s Spawn Rate

Niantic is really doing its best to make sure that gamers get the best Pokémon GO gaming experience by adding significant updates to the app the past few months.

Aside from adding Shiny Pokémon to the augmented reality gaming application, Niantic has also decided to update the spawning rate of Pokémon in rural areas.

While Pokémon GO players living in urban communities can enjoy the numerous Pokémon spawning sites the city can offer, gamers in rural and suburban areas have had some trouble finding new spawn sites. According to a report by SlashGear, Niantic is aiming to fix the issue in American locations and increase the rate of Pokémon spawns in areas with a few or without any PokéStops by about 10 to 15 percent.

Though the spawn point won’t change locations, gamers in rural and suburban areas in the US will finally be able to get more Pokémon. While increased rural spawns may not seem like much of an update to some gamers, it certainly helps those living out in the country enjoy the game a whole lot more.