Pokémon GO: Nope, there’s not a Bug-Type Event happening next week

Pokémon GO: Nope, there\'s not a Bug-Type Event happening next week

Adventure Week just finished, but Pokémon GO players are already looking for clues about the next event.

Earlier this week, a picture with Japanese text and images of Bug-Type Pokémon started to spread around the Internet that seemed to hint at an upcoming Bug-Type event taking place on June 3rd and June 4th. You can take a look at the image below:

Nope, There\'s Not a Bug-Type Pokemon Go Event Happening Next Week

However, the image isn’t for a Pokémon GO event….at least not an official one. Japanese Pokémon GO players are apparently organizing a “Bug Day” for June 4th, with plans to fill local gyms with Bug-Type Pokémon in celebration.

So why June 4th? Well, it’s all a play on words. The Japanese word for insect is pronounced as “mushi” and the numbers six and four can be read as “mu” and “shi.” So June 4th (or 6/4) can literally be pronounced as insect in Japanese.

Players have been planning the unofficial Bug Day since April, and they’ve even gotten a hashtag going to spread the news.

While this isn’t an official Pokémon GO event, this still seems like a pretty cool way to keep fans interested and invested in playing. Since gyms are typically filled with the same Pokémon, it’ll be nice to see them full of bug-types… even if it’s just for a few hours.