Pokémon GO: Player “unfairly” banned after spending $2400 on microtransactions

Pokémon GO: Player “unfairly” banned after spending $2400 on microtransactions

What does it take to get banned from Pokémon GO? Cheating or using unauthorized mods might get you booted, but according to Phoenix resident Dave Summers, he’s been permanently banned over his feud with another player and his penchant for “slightly PG-13” usernames.

The clincher? This ban came after Summers spent an eye-bulging $2400 on microtransactions.

According to Summers, he was never a gamer before, but he fell hard for Pokémon GO, spending thousands on in-app purchases and travelling half-way across the country to the San Francisco pier to catch a Dratini.

I never considered myself a gamer prior to Pokémon GO. I mean, I could talk about the game for days.

Unfortunately, Summers’ intense Pokémon GO passion wasn’t enough to protect him. Back in May his ultra-classy username VagizardBeater was flagged as offensive. Okay, whoever reported him kind of had a point, but when he changed his name to PokeBeaterUpper he was flagged again. PichuPuncherPHX was also unacceptable. Finally, out of frustration Summers changed his name to the obviously-offensive PichuPuncher69 and PichuPuncher666, and that’s when the ban hammer came down.

According to Summers he was banned for his mildly edgy usernames, and he believes they were only flagged because he’s being targeted by a rival who wanted him gone. Ooooo, POKEFEUD. But is ol’ Dave telling the truth? He appealed to Niantic, and they said he was banned for falsifying his location and using third-party mods. Summers denies that, but it sounds like a more likely scenario than a shadowy rival conspiring to take him down.

Regardless of the real reason, Summers doesn’t think the ban is fair:

I’ve traveled. I’ve spent countless hours grinding toward this goal. I’ve spent money on it, real money — $2400 and to think that it could have been taken away again just at anybody’s discretion?

Hey, nobody ever said Pokémon training is easy, Dave. Ash has been at it for 20 years and still hasn’t won a Pokémon League championship!