Pokemon GO: Players discover Gym badge limit

Pokemon GO Players Discover Gym Badge Limit

Pokémon GO players have a lot of different goals to chase down from reaching max level, to completing the PokéDex, to earning unique badges.

Visiting and interacting with different in-game Gyms around the world helps players add to that list of badges and many trainers have been working hard to earn gold status with their local Gyms over the summer. During that quest, one Pokémon GO player may have just discovered a serious limitation of the Gym badge system.

During a recent trip, Pokémon GO player thinkdad spent a lot of time collecting new Gym badges. The player explained that he is an avid collector of Gym badges and goes out of his way to visit as many as possible. Much to his surprise, and frustration, he discovered that the game’s interface seems to max out at 1,000 Gym badges. This means that every time he interacts with a new Gym, one of the old ones gets knocked off his list.

At this point, we’re unsure if the progress on those old Gyms is lost, though that does seem unlikely. Hopefully, the game is just set up to display the most recently visited 1,000 Gyms and the information on any others is stored somewhere on the game servers.

Of all the current bugs plaguing Pokémon GO players, this is admittedly not a very serious one for the majority of players. It would be very unfortunate if the progress on the old Gyms truly did disappear, but that has yet to be confirmed. The original poster plans to revisit some of the missing Gyms from his account soon and check to see if they are still at their previous level when they reappear. Hopefully Niantic will respond with an explanation soon, as well.