Pokémon GO: Players find more than Ghost-types at Kansas cemetery

Pokemon Go Players Find More Than Ghost-Types at Kansas Cemetery

Pokémon GO isn’t usually used to help find wanted criminals, but that’s just what the app did last weekend. The Kansas City Star reports that two Pokémon GO players stumbled across two people wanted for kidnapping in a Topeka area graveyard last weekend.

Tim Johnston and his fiancee were playing Pokémon GO at the Topeka Cemetery when they received a phone notification about two armed and dangerous aggrevated robbery suspects. The push notification, which came from a local news station, also contained mug shots of both suspects.

Johnston glanced at the alert and went back to playing Pokémon GO. However, just five minutes later, Johnston spotted the two suspects walking through the cemetery and called the police. The police arrived less than five minutes later, found the suspects, and arrested them on the spot.

In addition to robbery, the two criminals were also accused of kidnapping a woman and holding her overnight in a nearby hotel.

This isn’t the first time that Pokémon GO players have either stopped a crime or apprehended a criminal. Recently, a group of Pokémon GO players were honored for their efforts in preventing a sexual assault after hearing the victim scream in the woods.