Pokémon GO: Which Pokémon are still missing?

Which Pokemon Are Still Missing in Pokemon Go?

Pokémon GO players around the world have an opportunity to fill another hole in their PokéDex with the (temporary) worldwide release of Farfetch’d as part of the Global Catch Challenge.

Now that most players have crossed Farfetch’d off of their “to catch” list, there’s one less new Pokémon species to find in Pokémon GO. With the release of Legendary Pokémon over the summer, there aren’t many Pokémon missing from Pokémon GO, although there are still a couple of Pokémon that haven’t been added to the game.

So which Pokémon are still missing from Pokémon GO, and when can we expect to see them? We’ve got a rundown of all of Pokémon GO’s unavailable Pokémon, so keep scrolling to see which Pokemon still haven’t popped up in the game:


Pokemon GO Secretly Releases Ho-oh Raid

The biggest Pokémon missing from the game is the Legendary Pokémon Ho-Oh. One of Pokémon GO’s most powerful Pokémon, Ho-Oh is a powerful Fire/Flying dual-type Pokémon and the “mascot” of Pokemon Gold.

Due to its popularity and sheer power, players have clamored for Ho-Oh for months and it looks like their requests could finally be answered. Earlier this weekend, Japanese players spotted two Ho-Oh raids on public trackers. While no one could access these Ho-Oh raids, players who investigated the raids in person found gyms with the “Pokémon GO Travel” logo, a sign that Niantic is using Ho-Oh in their new video series.

It’s looking more and more likely that Ho-Oh will appear in Pokémon GO by the end of 2017…if not a lot sooner. Don’t be surprised if Ho-Oh appears as part of a November surprise for Pokémon GO players.


pogo smeargle

Smeargle is a strange Pokémon that has the ability to permanently copy any Pokémon move it sees in battle. While it’s not a particularly powerful Pokémon, Smeargle is popular in the competitive Pokémon scene because it can use almost any move, giving it unbridled versatility and adaptability.

The issue with Smeargle is that its unique ability doesn’t really translate well into Pokémon GO. While normal Pokémon games offer players the chance of customizing a player’s moveset, Pokémon GO’s Pokémon are limited to just a handful of moves.

There’s two potential options on how to deal with Smeargle’s unique abilities. The first is allowing Smeargle to temporarily copy its opponent’s moves, similar to how Ditto can temporarily take the shape of an opponent. The other option is to somehow permanently give Smeargle the first moves it encounters in battle, which would probably require a lot of changes to Pokemon Go’s code.

We originally thought that Pokemon Go might release Smeargle during Thanksgiving (just like they released Ditto last year). Now that Thanksgiving has passed, it’s honestly anyone’s guess as to when Smeargle could appear in Pokemon Go.



While Smeargle probably won’t appear in Pokémon GO anytime soon, there’s a pretty good likelihood we’ll see at least one more new Pokémon in the game by the end of the year.

Delibird is a special holiday-themed Pokémon that gives out special presents from a large sack it carries with him. These presents can act as attacks, but they can also occasionally heal an opponent too.

There’s two reasons why Delibird likely hasn’t appeared in Pokémon GO yet. Pokémon GO doesn’t have a mechanism for in-battle healing, so Delibird’s “Present” attack could potentially cause headaches in the game. But the other reason is that Delibird is the closest thing the Pokémon franchise has to a “Christmas” Pokémon, which means that Pokémon GO is likely waiting to add the Pokémon until this year’s holiday season.

Pokémon GO will be wasting a pretty obvious opportunity if they don’t release Delibird in the next few weeks. Expect to see Delibird make an appearance during this year’s holiday event!