Pokémon GO: PokéStops are suddenly dropping a lot fewer items

\'Pokemon Go\': PokeStops Are Suddenly Dropping a Lot Fewer Items

Items have suddenly gotten a lot harder to get in Pokémon GO.

Earlier this afternoon, Pokémon GO players noticed that PokéStops were consistently dropping less items per spin. Previously, players could expect to get anywhere from three to five items, with even larger hauls coming from hitting a streak of ten PokéStops in a short period of time.

Now, players are getting only two items per PokéStop, with the tenth PokéStop bonus dropping four items for players. The change seems to affect items from gyms as well, although players can still get bonus items for either controlling a gym or having that gym’s medal.

Pokémon GO hasn’t provided an explanation for the sudden drop in items, although the issue seems pretty widespread. And needless to say, players aren’t very happy about seeing items drop by 50 percent or more seemingly out of the blue.

What Caused the Change?

The sudden decrease in items is suspiciously timed to an accidental forced update on iOS. Pokémon GO just released a new update a few days ago, and players were suddenly forced to update to the new version on Apple devices or they couldn’t log into the game. Pokémon GO “unforced” the update just a few minutes later, but the issue with items happened as soon as that problem cleared up.

We’re guessing that this is just a temporary glitch, as Pokémon GO would have a massive riot on their hands if they suddenly tried to scale back item drops. Player morale is already pretty low due to the overabundance of raids and the lack of other new features, and trying to decrease item drops might kill enthusiasm for the game in a lot of players.

On the plus side, the recent issues signal that Pokémon GO is working on something big on their end, which could tie into the highly anticipated Halloween event.