Pokémon GO: Possible upcoming event to coincide with the Gym update

Rumor: Big Pokemon Go Gym Update to Coincide With Upcoming Monthly Event

The next major update of Pokémon GO will probably feature a major overhaul of its gym system, which has been criticized as boring, stagnant, and overrun with automated bot users and other players that cheat the system.

While we don’t know exactly when the gym overhaul will take place, datamines and comments from Pokémon GO’s support team indicate that it’s coming sooner rather than later. A new rumor suggests that the gym overhaul could coincide with an upcoming event similar to the ongoing Adventure Week.

Slashgear is reporting that Niantic is planning a Fighting-Type Pokemon event to help launch the new gym system. According to the report, the Fighting-Type event would feature increased spawns of Machop, Mankey, and other Fighting-Type Pokémon and would encourage players to fill out their PokéDex and try some of their new Pokémon out in gyms.

We were unable to verify Slashgear’s rumors and we should note that they’ve had a very… mixed history when it comes to reporting on Pokémon GO. However, it does make sense that Pokémon GO would want more players to get Fighting-Type Pokémon around the time of their next update. Fighting-Type Pokémon are pretty critical in Pokémon GO due to their ability to quickly wear down Blissey, the most annoying gym defender in the game. Blissey is one of the few Pokémon that can simply “outwait” a gym attacker by absorbing damage until the attack clock runs out.