Pokémon GO: Pseudo-Legendaries of the Gen 3

Hello trainers, as you may know, they datamined Gen 3 code in the latest update of Pokémon GO. We thought this information about Pseudo-Legendaries would be useful for you, so let’s get right into it.

What is a Pseudo-Legendary?

For those of you that dont know: A Pseudo-Legendary Pokémon refers to a Pokémon that has a three-stage evolution line, and has a base stat of total 600 (In the main series games)
Pseudo-Legendary Pokémon are often way more powerfull than any other non-Legendary Pokémon. And it’s basically due to their high base stats.

How many Pseudo-Legendaries exist?

There’s currently 7 Generations, but 8 Pseudo-Legendary Pokémon. That’s because Generation 3, is the only Generation to introduce 2 Pseudo-Legendary Pokémon. Which is going to be interesting to see when Gen 3 arrives in PoGo.

Overlook over the Pseudo-Legendary

  • Gen 1: Dragonite’s evolution line and types
    DratiniDragon -> DragonairDragon -> DragoniteDragon/Flying
  • Gen 2: Tyranitar’s evolution line and types
    LarvitarRock/Ground -> PupitarRock/Ground -> TyranitarRock/Dark
  • Gen 3: Metagross’ evolution line and types
    BeldumSteel/Psychic -> MetangSteel/Psychic -> Metagross Steel/Psychic
  • Gen 3: Salamence’s evolution line and types
    BagonDragon -> ShelgonDragon -> SalamenceDragon/Flying
  • Gen 4: Garchomp’s evolution line and types
    GibleDragon/Ground -> GabiteDragon/Ground -> GarchompDragon/Ground
  • Gen 5: Hydreigon’s evolution line and types
    DeinoDragon/Dark -> ZweilousDragon/Dark -> HydreigonDragon/Dark
  • Gen 6: Goodra’s evolution line and types
    GoomyDragon -> SliggooDragon -> GoodraDragon
  • Gen 7: Kommo-o’s evolution line and types
    Jangmo-oDragon -> Hakamo-oDragon/Fighting -> Kommo-oDragon/Fighting

A little bit of trivia

Generation 3 is the only generation to have 2 Pseudo-Legendary Pokémon introduced.
Theres quiet a few Pokémon that are commonly mistaken for being Pseudo-Legendary Pokémon.


  • Slaking (Gen 3)
  • Flygon (Gen 3)
  • Aggron (Gen 3)
  • Volcarona (Gen 5)
  • Haxorus (Gen 5)

Source: Reddit