Pokémon GO: Raids now drop potions for wins

Pokemon Go Raids now Drop Potions for Wins

Ever since Raids first began players have found themselves lacking in some key resources.

With the increased difficulty of Legendary Raids these healing items, called Potions, which can come in Super, Hyper, and Max variety, have been in higher and higher demand. Now that demand has been satiated somewhat with a recent change by Niantic, adding Potions to the drops for victorious Pokémon GO raids.

Previously, for beating a Raid Bosses, players were given Revives, Rare Candy, and Golden Razzberries. Now Niantic has added many varieties of Potions to the mix, including Super and Hyper.

Players are pretty ecstatic about the change, as it will really help them heal up their teams after a tough fight. Of course, there are always downsides to every alteration, and this is no different. Some players prefer the tougher to get items, such as TMs, Rare Candy, and Golden Razzberries. If this addition wasn’t done delicately then the chances of receiving these arguably more important items will be diminished.

Still, it’s a good first step either way, and it shows that Niantic is listening to their playerbase who have been asking for more ways to get Potions for some time. It might need some more tweaking, but for now players can at least get their Pokémon back into fighting shape, without having to sit at a PokéStop to farm Potions.