Pokémon GO: Safari Zone Event sells out instantly

Pokemon Go Safari Zone news: Niantic give big update on new events

The Pokémon GO Safari Zone events in Europe are on the horizon and tickets for the events have recently become available.

The tickets are free, but require trainers reserve a spot for the event. To avoid overcrowding, unfortunately, not everyone will make the cut. At least, that’s currently the case for the Paris, France event, where tickets ran out in a mere two minutes.

At all of the Pokémon GO Safari Zone events, fans will enjoy special in-game goodies, the opportunity to catch rare Pokémon, and a chance to socialize with other trainers. The event saw a slight delay, which pushed dates in Germany, France, and Spain to September 16. New dates were also announced for the Denmark, Czech Republic, Sweden, and The Netherlands. The dates are as follows:

October 7, 2017

  • Fisketorvet–Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Centrum Černý Most–Prague, The Czech Republic

October 14, 2017

  • Mall of Scandinavia–Stockholm, Sweden
  • Stadshart Amstelveen–Amstelveen, The Netherlands

It’s a bit of a surprise to see tickets for a Pokémon GO event to sell out so fast, considering the game’s track record for public events. Pokémon GO Fest in Chicago is now infamous for being a bit of a mess, and the whole situation caused anger and frustration for many of those who attended. Some merely complained, while others went so far as to sue Niantic. The developer has since offered refunds and compensation to those afflicted. Since the Safari Zone event is free, it shouldn’t bother attendees as much if things don’t go exactly as planned.

As for what’s happening in–game, players are obsessively checking to see if they’ve received an Exclusive Raid Pass. Invites have been going out, preparing those lucky enough to receive one for an upcoming raid. Unfortunately, only those who receive have a pass for a particular raid will be able to participate in it. To receive an invitation and be eligible, players must have successfully completed a raid.

It’s unclear how Niantic is choosing which of those players get them, but what we do know is the passes currently going out are for the worldwide launch of Mewtwo. Once the raid drops and trainers can catch him, Mewtwo will be the most powerful Pokémon currently in the game.